Monday, March 16, 2015

Use of Kahoot for Review: Modification

       My students and I have really enjoyed using Kahoot for reviews of various concepts taught in 6th grade Language Arts. The students literally BEG me to play Kahoot. I most recently used it for checking reading comprehension for our class novel study of A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. I really like that all students are engaged and must participate. It also creates and absence of threat in that each person gets individual feedback about whether he or she got the answer correct. At the end, the teacher can print out a report that lists each individual child's score. I really like this for reviews, but I would NOT use it for an assessment for the gradebook. Sometimes the students get kicked out.
      I think that this is a great example of MODIFICATION in the SAM-R Model. The learning is personal, it can not be done without the use of technology, and it provides immediate feedback. Who would have ever thought students would BEG to be quizzed?!
A Long Walk to Water Novel Review

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