Thursday, March 12, 2015

Abolitionist Museum

As a part of a cross curricular unit students in my regular class read several texts about slavery and the abolitionist movement.  Some of the text that we read were an excerpt from Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas and an except from Harriet Tubman Conductor on the Underground Railroad.  After reading these two selections, the students selected an abolitionists to research.  For the research the students had three guided questions.  One, What did this person do as an abolitionist?  Two, why did he/she become an abolitionist? And three, how did he/she impact society?  After the students researched their selected abolitionist, they created a board builder via Discovery Education.  The students then took their learning a step further and synthesized the information into a one to two minute oral presentation.   Another teacher's eighth grade social studies class visited our Abolitionist Museum.  During their visit they listened to the presentations and asked the students questions about the abolitionists.

Project requirements

This project meets the redefinition stage of the SAM-R model.  While the focus of the lesson was certainly to develop guiding questions and to use research skills the students could not have accomplished this without the use of technology.  They used technology from start to finish.  They used various websites and SC Discus to complete their research and Discovery Education to comply their research.

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