Monday, March 16, 2015

Pep Rallies for EVERYONE!

Pep Rallies--a right of passage for middle schoolers.....

Several times each year our student body gathers to celebrate athletes and their accomplishments. These events are celebrated with loud music, cheerleaders, performances by groups and the famous spirit competition. Students look forward to these events and enjoy the festivities!

 This year I have a student who gets so excited to see the Pep Rally symbol on his calendar. He spends all day anticipating the event and working hard to be able to attend. We make it to the pep rally, secure a seat by his friends and then quickly he asks to return to class. In reality, the event is too loud, too crowded and too overstimulating for him to handle. I always feel so deflated for him to not be able to attend!

Fast forward to February at the SC CEC conference......

 I attended many wonderful sessions at the event, but between sessions I was talking to a fellow educator about Google Apps. We were talking about how nice it is use to the calendar to schedule IEPs, how Drive and creating forms has made my peer tutors assignments more streamlined and then she mentioned Google Hangouts. I couldn't figure out why she would have even used this app. She then told me how they live stream pep rallies and assemblies for her students who wish to attend, but have the same concerns as my student. I returned to school with a mission. After meeting with Mrs. Swetnam and sharing my findings, we spent some time with the process and figured it out!!

I am thrilled beyond belief to be able to stream the upcoming Spring Sports Pep Rally for my student. This will allow him to enjoy the event in the comfort of our classroom.

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