Monday, March 9, 2015

Paper Slides

Paper Slides do not sound very technilogical at first, but they way we used them allows students to review and learn from each other, even when they are at home.
First, what is a paper slide video?
A paper slide video is a video taken in ONE TAKE. If you make a mistake, start over. A paper slide video should be 1-3 minutes long and it should teach a key point using narration and illustration.
     1. Each group of students was assigned a different vocabulary word or concept (at the end of our unit).  However, you could use this to introduce concepts by having students research and teach.
     2.  Students drew slides to illustrate their concept.  The designed narration to accompany their slides.
     3.  Students created a one take video, known as a paper slide video.
     4.  The teacher reviewed the videos for accuracy and posted a few each day as a homework assignment on Edmodo.  Along with the videos, the teacher assigned brief (1-3 questions) with each video and this was used as a unit review.

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