Thursday, March 12, 2015

Straight at the Sun

This year we also focused on the fact that technology doesn't just mean using the computers and videos.   We tried to expose students to technology in the field of science.  In this activity we had a guest speaker talk to the students about solar telescopes and how they are used.  Students not only learned what can be seen, but they had the oppotunity to experience it first had.
Students also had a chance to use a spectroscope to determine elements that were on the sun (star).
Students were able to use their own cameras from phones and connect them to the telescope to take their very own pictures of the sun, safely.   Students then identified sun spots.  Student pictures of the sun were used to compare pictures of the sun from SOHO over the next several days. Students then drew conclusions about movements of the sun spots. Utilizing background knowledge from class, students drew conclusions utilizing level three vocabulary.
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