Monday, March 16, 2015

Mentimeter Modifies Warm-ups

Description of Student Work

With Mentimeter, students answer daily questions using their Chromebooks.  The difference between work done by posting a question on the board or in Google Classroom is what Mentimeter does with student replies once they are submitted.  Instead of having each student write on the board or post to a shared space, Mentimeter instantly posts student replies anonymously.  This anonymity gives students the confidence to take chances with their work that they might not be willing to take if they thought everyone in the class might know they made the mistakes.

Examples of Work

Examples of Mentimeter Screen

How this fits with SAM-R

Mentimeter modifies warm-ups by changing the way warm-ups work for both the individual student and the class as a whole.  For the individual student, he or she receives instant individualized feedback on the quality of work when the teacher talks about the merits and misunderstandings of their sentence.  Mentimeter allows for this feedback because each reply is quickly easily displayed for the teacher to talk about.  Also, the class as a whole benefits from seeing each sentence discussed with the teacher.  Everyone gets to learn about what makes certain sentences good and how to fix the weakness of others.  

Mentimeter also modifies this type of work by bringing the element of anonymity.  Because students do not have to worry about if the class will know an answer belongs to them or not, they are more willing to post replies to Mentimeter than they are to write on the board or post to Google Classroom.  This means that more students are receiving quick, quality feedback about how to answer warm-up questions than with traditional non-technological warm-ups.

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