Tuesday, March 17, 2015

This year I tried and fell in love with Voice Thread. I created a Power Point Presentation with pictures of very messy rooms around the house. Students were asked to use Voice Thread to write affirmative tu commands in Spanish such as "lava los platos sucios / do the dishes" they also wrote answers to the commands such as "estoy lavando los platos / I'm doing the dishes already" By using Voice Thread we were able to redefine (according to the SAM-R model) this assessment activity. This activity is possible thanks to the technology available. It was previously inconceivable.  I was able to assess my whole class mastery of the unit material at once. I used this information to direct and make informed choices in my teaching practice for that day. I was able to immediately identify students who needed clarification. Students were able to see their classmates answers once I helped them with corrections which avoids embarrassment or anxiety but promotes learning,keeps students motivated, engaged and competitive. My students loved it and asked to use it over and over again. I highly recommend Voice Thread. It is a very valuable classroom tool.

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