Monday, March 16, 2015

Book Trailers: Redefinition

One of the most challenging and rewarding projects that we did this year was to create Book Trailers using WeVideo. I allowed the students to work in small groups/partners to read a book together. The students then filled out a story map for the plot of the book. Afterwards, we used a storyboard that was shared with me by Tristan Evans, an 8th grade ELA teacher.  It was created by Lorena Swetnam, and its purpose is to get students to think about and discuss the aspects of the novel that they want to feature in the trailer. We then enlisted help from Mr, Abernathy, our Teaching and Learning Coach,  to learn how to use WeVideo and find images that are free to use. Eventually we needed to fill out a sequencing chart before creating the trailer in WeVideo.  I really enjoyed learning this technology with my students. I was very impressed with many of the final products, some of which were featured on our school news show.

I think that this project is a great example of  REDEFINING in the SAM-R Model. It absolutely would be impossible to create this learning experience without the use of technology.  The learning is student centered and collaboration is crucial. The final products are shared beyond the four walls of our classroom.

Hatchet book trailer

The Ghost of Graylock book trailer

Cover-up book trailer

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