Monday, March 16, 2015

Lunch time!

The ability to choose what you would like to eat each day for lunch seems like such a little thing!
Some of my students can not  tell me what they would like to eat for lunch so I offer them another way to make a choice. Choice is so important to students and their independence. Each morning, we display the lunch choices for the day. On their turn they come up and make their choice.

 I honestly had taken this activity for granted until just a few weeks ago. It was Ava's turn to choose and she usually enjoys a hot sandwich or pizza every once in a while. Ava was determined on this particular day to not eat these options. I was trying to entice her to make a choice and she was literally pushing past my choices to another option. She wanted NACHOS. In a year and half I have never seen her choose anything other than the hot sandwich or pizza, so without this activity she would have never had the opportunity to branch out and try something new. She LOVED the nachos and I was reminded of the importance of choice.

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