Monday, March 16, 2015

Staple Food Crop Project

In collaboration with Social Studies, students were asked to identify a staple food crop that might be used to meet the needs of a growing global population.  Armed with their challenge and some considerations from their teachers, students set out to use what they were learning in class and could find out using their research skills to solve a real world problem.  We invited our media specialist to help students get started by learning to CART websites.  Students found it helpful to judge websites based upon the CART criteria (Current, Accessible, Relevant, Trustworthy).  Based on our study of plants in science class, students considered the variables related to the growth and development of their selected crop.  Students worked with their peers to create a presentation illustrating their findings.

I believe this project meets the redefinition stage of the SAM-R because use of technology allowed students to access cutting edge research to solve a real world problem.  Without technology students would not have had access to real time data needed to complete this project.

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