Monday, March 16, 2015

Adjudication Form in VoiceThread

In preparation for our annual Concert Festival Performance Assessment, 7th and 8th grade orchestra students must sight-read a new piece of music for the adjudicator for a rating. They have 10 minutes to learn the music without being able to play anything aloud! This experience can be daunting, so to prepare them, they practice sight-reading simulations. I give them a piece of sheet music they have never seen before, and we go through the 10 minute process: we learn the piece only using silent methods and perform it while being recorded (audio). 
I like to give the students the chance to be their own adjudicators: I let them fill in the adjudication rubric with their own scores. In previous years, I have printed out copies of the SCMEA Orchestra Division Concert Festival Adjudication Form for them to use. This year, I was able to upload it into a VoiceThread so the students could input their scores and be able (for the first time) to see what their classmates thought of the recorded performance.

SCMEA Concert Festival Evaluation Form

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