Monday, March 9, 2015

Hidden Lessons

We have all used videos in class before but this lesson utilized a video in a whole new way.
With this particular MythBusters video segment, students answered a couple of questions about facts from the clip. However, many of the questions were based on class content and they had to apply content to visuals in the video.
  For example, the MythBusters discuss how far the two cars travel and how long it takes, near the end of the clip.  The students are asked to find the average speed for each.
 Example two:  Students are asked why the MythBusters make modifications when changing the way in which the toy car is tested for speed near the start of the video. Students made connections to friction and speed.

I am not able to embed the video but the name of it on is:
MythBusters: Forces and Motion: Toy Car vs. Real  Car

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