Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In Spanish class we have used a Google Document to redefine an assignment. 

Every learner will use a world language, other than English, to engage in meaningful, intercultural
communication, understand and interpret the spoken and written language, and present information,
concepts and ideas in local and global communities.
Through learning another language, they will gain an understanding of the perspectives of other cultures
and compare the language and cultures learned with their own.
 Summary of Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century

Language Competence:

Presentational Speaking (PS) and Writing (PW)

I can present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of
listeners or readers on a variety of topics in a culturally appropriate


1. Students can describe their own personality traits, likes and dislikes.
2. Students can describe likes, dislikes and personality traits using he/she
3.Students can describe others likes, dislikes and personality traits using they.


Students were asked to take a picture of themselves and a friend. Using Google Presentation students created a slide in which they included both pictures and wrote sentences about their own likes, dislikes and personality traits. They wrote sentences about a friend too. Students shared the document with the teacher and a friend. As they were writing their sentences in the target language both teacher and friend were able to ask questions or suggest correction in real time. Students were able too make corrections before errors become fossilized.


Students enjoyed the interaction with their classmates. Students paid more attention to detail to avoid being corrected by a friend. Students produced better quality sentences and more sentences because they were willing to take risks and tap into their competitive side to complete the assignment.

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