Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Digital Storytelling and WeVideo

Blue Screen in the BMS News Room
This school year I collaborated with classroom teachers to help students learn how to use the color keying tool in WeVideo (also known as chroma key, green screen or blue screen).  This editing tool allows students "to step" into the video.  Here are some examples of how students used this technology to redefine learning:
  • French class with Mrs. Catoe: Students speak in French to share the weather in their specific region in France. 
  • Math with Mr. Bloodworth: Students use the green screen to set the stage for teaching a math concept. 
  • Language Arts with Mrs. Brown: Students promote a recently read title and select a backdrop to match the setting of their selected title. 
  • Science with Mrs. Nadorff: Students create their own weather reports. 
  • Social Studies with Ms. Hineman: Students step into their country during their country reports. 
Students have often used digital storytelling to tell a story and teach information.  By using the color keying tool in WeVideo, students modify their learning by including themselves in the video and selecting a background to visually support the information/story they are sharing. 

Science Weather Videos 6th grade with Mrs. Nadorff's class
French Weather Videos 8th grade with Mrs. Catoe's class

Math video in 8th grade Mr. Bloodworth's class

Book Promotion in 8th grade with Mrs. Brown's class

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