Sunday, March 15, 2015

Math Homework with "Digits" is a Real-Time Experience

Students in my pre-algebra classes use their chromebooks daily to access their online “Digits” assignments.  This digital curriculum program includes video lessons, online tutorials, homework practice, online quizzes and tests - all in real-time.  Each assignment is customized to fit my student’s learning needs.

For homework assignments, I set the number of attempts to three tries per problem. At any time during the assignment, students can choose the “help me solve this” option or “show me a similar problem” option for clarification.  As they answer each problem, students receive immediate feedback so they can rework any missed problem.  This instant feedback provides the positive motivation for them to continue through the assignment.  

As soon as students submit their assignments, I can assess their level of understanding.  When I choose the “view submissions” option, I can easily see exactly how much time was spent on each problem, view their answers, and their number of attempts.

At the beginning of each topic, I can customize a short pre-assessment, assign to each student at the beginning of class, and in a matter of minutes assess each student’s level of understanding.  This capability immediately determines the direction of the learning for every student.  

Using the “Digits” curriculum in math meets the Modification and Redefinition stages of the SAM-R model.  While the traditional paper-and-pencil provide students with important practice on classwork and homework assignments as well as assessments, the addition of the technology features enhances the teaching and learning.  The real-time capabilities through the use of technology provide immediate feedback on the success of each student at any given time. Because this type of assessment cannot be accomplished in this quick amount of time without the use of technology, it becomes a strong example of the redefinition stage. Students are also more motivated to complete their assignments and do their best work when they receive ongoing progress of their level of understanding.  And because this digital curriculum provides instant results for every student, I can design the work in more meaningful ways.

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