Thursday, February 12, 2015

Morning Meeting Personal Information Quiz

We begin our morning with a calendar-style lesson called "Morning Meeting."  During Morning Meeting, we go over the weather, make lunch choices, and complete morning meeting.  The weather component teaches students to graph weather, make predictions, read a thermometer, and we discuss what types of clothes to wear in different weather conditions.  A popular activity is our lunch count, where we view our lunch choices and make a decision for our meals.  During morning meeting, we work on calendar skills, money skills, counting by fives and tens, and completing personal information.  Our goal is for 100% Fridays!  If you make 100%, you make choose a prize from the prize bin.  Students are highly motivated to obtain the incentive!  Students' personal information quizzes consist of their name, address, phone number, DOB, age, and parent/guardian names.  Each student completes their quiz at a differentiated level based upon their skills and needs.

Below are photos of the differentiated quizzes:

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