Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Digital Citizens: Book Challenge

Over the summer people across the nation were bombarded with the "Ice Bucket Challenge".  Many of my students watched the videos and some of them even created their own videos.  This phenomenon was a great spring board for my students to create their own"Challenge" videos.  We created "Book challenge" videos.  The students first selected a book they had enjoyed or were currently enjoying reading.  Next, the students had to think of someone within the school they thought might like the book.  From there, the "challenge" was on!  Students wrote a script in which they introduced them selves, called out the person they had selected to challenge, and gave a brief synopsis of the book.  The students then shared their videos, via email, with the person he or she had challenged.  Several of the videos were also shown on the Blythewood Middle School morning news show.

This task certainly falls into the redefinition portion of the SAM-R model.  The students  would not have been able to complete this task with out technology.  The students used Google Drive to write their script, they used a video camera and a green screen to record their video, and they put all the pieces together in WeVideo.  Also, by sharing the videos via email and on the morning news show it reached a wider audience.  

Student created "Book Challenge"

Student created "Book Challenge"

Student instructions

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