Monday, February 23, 2015

Discovery Education Board Builder:

Recently, the students in my class read a self-selected novel or biography. As the students read the novel or biography they were instructed to think about the current events that the character or biography subject would have been interested in.  After completing the novel the students had to find online articles that represented their character or biography subjects interest.  Next, the students created a Board Builder in Discovery Education.  On their Board Builder, the students placed the links to their selected articles and then wrote a response for each article they selected.  For each response, the student had to explain, using textual evidence, why the character would have read the article and what the character's thoughts, opinions, and reactions to the article would have been.  

This task meets the requirements  for the redefinition portion of the SAM-R model.  The students  would not have been able to complete this task with out technology.  The students used various news websites, SC Discus, and other online sources.  Also, the students used technology to present their work.  All work was created, designed, and submitted through the use of Discovery Education's Board Builder tool.    

The assignment was also differentiated for my honors classes and my general class. Students in my honors classes had to select and respond to four articles and students in my general classes had to select and respond to two articles.  

Honors Assignment instructions 

General Assignment instructions

Student Board Builder sample one

Student Board Builder sample two

Student Board Builder sample three

Student Board builder sample four

Student Board Builder sample five

Student Board Builder sample six

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